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It's that time of the year again when our energies switch over to Christmas mode and the chaos in the RMV Creative Cave (where we do all of our design & production work) is at its highest! 

Cursing, singing, sweating, listening to classic rock....all in a day's work in The Cave.  If only we had elves......and copious amounts of spiked eggnog.....and a disco ball.....and......

This year we'll be at many Christmas markets & shows in and around Calgary so be sure to check out our Events & Shows page.  We're also super-stoked as we were just invited to be a vendor at the Banff Mountain Film & Book Festival!  (Nov 3 - 5)  Mark your calendars because you don't want to miss this one!  We're bringing out some brand new vintage ski images on T-shirts and wooden posters that we'll unveil during the show!  (brand new vintage....oxymoron?  Or just moron?

It seems every Christmas show has a slightly different vibe and knowing what may sell is a coveted secret.  The actual market or show certainly makes a big difference, but so does its location; what may be popular in Calgary isn't necessarily as popular at a show in Banff for example.

Of course if it was easy to figure that out then everyone would be doing it, right?  At some of the shows though (like the Calgary Expo Holiday Market, a.k.a. Nerd Christmas), it seems like everyone is doing 'it'!  This is a crazy show with tons of vendors so you're bound to find something for that special Nerd in your life....especially at our booth.

Fancy a more rustic, homemade atmosphere?  It's Millarville Market for you.  Just look for us shivering and smiling but be sure to check that we're still moving!

Well, back to The Cave for me.  We'd wish everyone a Merry Christmas, but c'mon.....it's too early for that!


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