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History......it's all around us and once you start scratching around you never know what you'll find!

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As Jayne (my wife) used to work for a major airline, we took advantage of her fantastic flight benefits and got to travel to many parts of the world.  We were always amazed at how much history many of the countries we visited had while back home in Canada, a mere 150 year old monument didn't really hold that much significance to us.

That was until we started up Rocky Mountain Vintage!  

With each of the images we print, we try to include a little historical write-up that describes the significance of the image and what was going on in the world back in the day of the print.  

Often we'll share these brief snippets of history with anyone that visits us at the markets we go to and many times we'll be surprised with what our visitors/customers know themselves.  Whether it's someone's grandfather who used to ride rodeo with Pete Knight, or someones relative that used to be a train engineer on the mighty Selkirk locomotives.  

It's a very interesting way to share history and we're continually learning new things about old things that we then incorporate back into our historical write-ups.

So start scratching around and you too will be amazed at how much history Canada and Canadians have to offer!

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